Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Can A Parent To Harm Their Child?

I have seen more and more reports in the news, online and television, about parents harming their children.

Being a mother myself to two beautiful girls, I just can not understand this. I do understand getting angry, as this is just a fact of life. But what I don't understand is getting angry and taking it out on your children. Especially to the point of physical abuse.

Children are innocent creatures, they are brand new, and just figuring everything out. They look to their parents for guidance, safety, comfort, love, and nourishment.

Is it because I don't have a screw loose somewhere, is this why I can't understand it? Or is it that society is just changing, for the worse.

I remember as a child growing up, the worst thing around was abduction. I always told myself, if anyone ever tried to take me away, I would scream bloody murder, and let the person kill me right there. My reasoning? I wanted my parents to know exactly what happened, and that I did fight for my life.

I think it still is pretty good advice to give these days as well. The only catch? What if it is their parent that is harming them? What then?

These children have no idea, they think what their parents are doing to them is ok, even though it hurts. And you can't tell me that when a baby is found dead by the hands of its mother, that there were no signs. There were signs, everyone just chose to ignore them.

We as parents, better yet, as people, need to start taking responsibility for these signs. We need to do something about it. We need to drive the police nuts... Until they do something!

There was a local girl who was just killed in my area, initially they said she hung herself. She was only 11 years old.

What 11 year old could possibly hang themselves? Better yet, how could they even be thinking about that method of death? Turns out her family had been turned in several times to Social Services.

Long story short, her community failed to save her life. They should be ashamed of themselves for not pursuing it further, and this includes the social services department and police. They should have pushed the barriers down in order to save her.

All the signs were there!

Here is a link to the story >>> Palermo Girl Living In A Litterbox


Sarah said...

Child abuse is heartbreaking. I share your horror at what some parents are able and willing to do to their children -- sometimes in the name of discipline, sometimes as the result of their own behavior (alcoholism, drug addiction, mental health problems), sometimes for no particular reason at all.

Happily, I am the product of a loving marriage (31 years and counting) and a close-knit, if quirky and occasionally quarrelsome family.

Growing up, I assumed that all kids had basically the same upbringing as I did. Now I realize how lucky I was.

About This Blog said...


This is so true, I know my family is VERY disfunctional, but fortunately, we all love each other very much! I just feel we need to take a little more responsibility when we see something "possibly" going on. I feel it is better safe than sorry.

Thank you for reading!

fabricprotectionqueen said...

This was a touching post, thank you for blogging about this truly maddening issue.