Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dust Off Your Bicycle!

Now that spring is here, many people are thinking about getting their bicycles out and dusting them off. I know I need to. I need to lose weight, and riding my bike will hopefully help to achieve that goal! ( I need all the help I can get in this category!)

I came across this site the other day that sells bicycle parts, so if you are in the need of bicycle pedals, or any other part, Sage Cycles is the place to visit! They also have just about any kind of accessory or apparel you could possibly want as well! Go ahead and check out (a subsidiary of Sage Cycles)

Everyone Wants Murphy!

Of course now that we finally have a family that is quite interested in Murphy, everyone seems to be coming out of the woodwork!

I just got a call from my ex husband, stating that one of his friends may be interested in her after all. Apparently his girlfriend became sweet on the idea of adding another boxer to their home, and can't get the idea out of her head now.

I told him I was sorry, but there was a family interested, they were coming tonight to meet her, but if it didn't work out, I would send his friend a picture of her.

I am just glad that we have more than one option, so she will go to a good, caring home. I will make sure of that! She needs to be in a home where she can get all the spoiling she desires!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Found A New Investment Advisory Service!

My husband and I have been discussing getting into the stock market lately, since the market has been so low. Neither one of us has invested previously, except for our 401K accounts. It is a little nerve racking trying to figure everything out, and understanding all the investment lingo. So in my searching, I came across this site that helped me immensely and is an investment advisory service, so I will review it for you!

Their name is Wicked Profits, and their site is very informative.

They have a FAQ section that answered most of my questions. Some of my questions were, “how long have they been in business, how do I learn about stock index options, do they use stop loss orders, and what is auto trading?”

The short answers to my questions were:

They have been in business since 2000.

They give you specific instructions on how to enter their recommendations. Their member area will give us all the information we need to know. And we don’t need to know everything about trading in order to make a profit!

Yes, stop loss orders are used. (whew, that is a good thing!)

Auto trading is a service offered in conjunction with something called optionsXpress. With every recommendation that Wicked Profits makes, optionsXpress will enter these orders (recommendations) automatically for you.

There are so many more questions that are answered in their FAQ section, that you just have to read it yourself! also has a section where you can view their annual returns since 2000. This section definitely put my mind at ease!

Murphy May Have A Home

We may have a home for Murphy Brown to go to! There is a couple interested in adopting Murphy from us, and they live on a dairy farm, not to far away from us!

I am so excited about this, I hope it works out, for us and for Murphy! They sound excited as well, and one good thing is they don't have kids... I don't have to worry about her nipping anymore children!

I will write more about this when I get more information from my husband on the people!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Best Of Time Rolex Watches

For some reason I was thinking today about my husband’s trip to China a few years ago. When he came back, he had a lot of gifts with him, since the currency exchange was so good. One of his gifts was a “Rolex watch” that he bought from a street vendor. Of course this wasn’t a real Rolex watch, but it certainly would pass for one if you were a novice! It was absolutely beautiful, and fortunately for me it lasted a long time. So, I started surfing the web for Rolex watches and came across this site that offers considerable discounts on their stock.

Their link is They have limited quantities of each of the Rolex watches they sell, and they are an independent dealer of new and used Rolex watches. This is part of the reason why they can sell at such a discounted rate. are also members of the Better Business Bureau, so you can definitely trust them!

Blog Surfing Again

Today is a hot day, I should be outside with the baby enjoying the 80 degree weather we are having. Instead I am inside on the computer, since the baby is down taking a nap. So, I decided to do my usual blog surfing today when I came across this blog that caught my eye. It caught my eye, because it is a lot like my blog here.

It is called Adrian’s Blog and it is full of information, about anything and everything. You can learn about titanium rings, fireants, and SEO techniques. Adrian describes it as where you can find useful information about technology development, marketing, research and opinions. I found myself surfing deeper and deeper within his blog reading his posts. They really are useful!

He even wrote a heart warming post about how he went through his wife’s pregnancy with her, and how he supported her. Sounds like he is a very caring soul! Visit his blog and check it out for yourself! Find Solutions in Adrian's Blog

Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Family Rant

This weekend was a beautiful weekend here in the north country! What do you think my daughter was doing most of the time... sitting in front of the tv. So, I told her to shut the tv off, and get outside to help us clean up the yard.

She wasn't too happy, but she did it anyways. Turns out that my daughter is lazy. I am not saying that I am really motivated, but I am definitely more motivated than my daughter.

I asked her to go get me an ice water, literally to fill my water jug with ice water, her response was, "here, just take mine."

No, I don't want to take yours! Go get me my own ice water please! What the heck...
I would never have dreamed in a million years to talk to my dad or mom like that! If they had asked me to do something, I did it!

This is pretty tough, because I have joint custody with my ex husband, so she is with both of us 1/2 the time. My ex husband and his family spoil the hell out of her, and never make her do anything... His mother comes in and does all the cleaning and laundry for him. It is pretty sickening... and I can't do a darn thing about it.

It makes me so angry though, because my daughter is turning into the exact opposite of what she should be, a self sufficient young lady. She doesn't care about how she looks, how her hair is. I constantly nag her during the day to straighten herself up, brush her hair, etc...

I feel like I am in a losing battle.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Time For Spring Cleaning!

My husband can be a sucker at times. Especially when it comes to his family, he can’t seem to tell them no. We have probably what some people might call a gentleman’s farm. We don’t have animals, except for our dogs, but the previous owner had horses at one time. We have two big barns on the property along with about 9 acres.

Needless to say, all of my husband’s relatives seem to think they can use our barns as their storage facilities. One of our barns’ attic is full of just crap from his family. I think our stuff is just taking up maybe a 10x 10 square. When his grandmother passed away, all of her stuff migrated to our barn as well.

It is time to do some spring cleaning, and get rid of this stuff. We need to call someone who does Junk Hauling. I know some Demolition Companies tend to usually do that sort of thing. I wish we lived in California, because I found this really great company that does Junk Removal in San Diego.

If anyone is in the market for junk removal, and they are in the San Diego area, just check them out!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Missed Earth Day!

I missed Earth Day! When my daughter called me last night she reminded me that it was Earth Day. I feel horrible that I forgot. So today I got online and started reading blogs that had entries about Earth Day and found this interesting one. The blog is called Myxitup. It is pretty close to what my blog is, a little bit of everything!

Myx-It-Up blogged about Earth Day yesterday and made some very interesting points on reducing our carbon footprints. If we have a carbon free future, based on renewable energy, this will end our dependency on fossil fuels. If that happened, no more price wars for gas!!!!

In order for this to happen we need everyone to commit to it. If we created a green economy, that would create so many more jobs for everyone. It might lift us out of this economic slump!

Next year is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day. Lets make it a good one, and be greener than we are today!

Problem With Murphy

I have a new dilemma in my life now! My middle dog, Murphy Brown (pure bred female boxer) just nipped my youngest daughter yesterday.

I am fit to be tied about this. I am so upset, I really thought she would work out with us! Unfortunately for Murphy, my priority lies with my daughter before her. Needless to say, I need to find a home for Murphy now. She really is a loving and fun dog to have. She loves to be with you, loves to snuggle too. She would be perfect for a family without small children that like to climb on animals! Before any one lambastes me for letting a child climb on my dog, I want to remind you that she is a baby... not even 2 years old yet. There is only so much a 19 month old understands about life! That is the only issue we have had with her, besides the fact that she loves, no in fact she demands attention.

This will work out, I have faith, some how this will work out for the better.

My Big Concrete Plans

I see a theme starting here. I have been talking a lot about the home improvements we want to make. I seem to have a lot of ideas and not enough drive or energy to keep up with them all! I suppose most people have this problem as well! I keep thinking of things that need to be done to beautify our property, and just hit upon another doozie.

The man who built our home was strange. He did a lot of strange things that don’t make any sense. This one kind of tops the list. Our home sets back off the road about 800 feet, and he decided he was going to make a cement drive way. I guess if he had the money to do it, so be it. The only draw back to it was he didn’t continue it to the road, he left about 30 feet of it gravel, and he only made it wide enough for one vehicle. It is very narrow. The narrow part I can’t do anything about, but the other I can. I just need to come up with the money! I wish I knew of someone like Salt Lake City Concrete that I could get to come and finish the end of my drive way!

I would have other work for them also, like finishing off around my pool. We have been thinking about putting in pavers where there is a little patch of grass left by our fish pond (which is right next to the pool). Instead of doing pavers, we could do stamped concrete!

I have a lot of big ideas, don’t I? They all seem to be bigger than my wallet too!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Troy Is Back!

We picked up the boy on Saturday. Troy did very well in training camp. He was so glad to be home, and to actually sleep on soft furniture though! He didn't move from the couch most of the evening. When it was time for bed, he was right there, and he wasn't going to move for anything!

Adam went through the commands with him yesterday, and he did beautifully. He has retained what he learned! So, we need to give it quite a while, keep going over all the commands with him on the leash for a while, until it is second nature, then we can try off leash training.

So, for the most part, he is doing beautifully. Still having a couple accidents in the house, here and there but he is still a puppy...

Free Millionaire Dating Service

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Are you looking for a successful Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Wrong? I came across this dating website that may be the answer to your prayers. It is a free millionaire dating service! Yes, you read that right! This is a millionaire dating site. It is absolutely free to join. If you have been looking for that special person, this may be the site for you to try!

Father Charged After Texas Crash Kills 5 Children

Chanton Jenkins has been charged with 4 counts of intoxication manslaughter. This is one charge for each child found dead so far. Jenkins was the father to 3 of the children found.

Apparently the road was slick from rain, and Jenkins was distracted by his cellphone that rang. He lost control of the vehicle when he hung up the phone. The car flew down an embankment into a ditch.

The heavy rains started carrying the vehicle downstream. Jenkins' brother, a passenger, escaped along with a 10 year old girl. (she is Jenkins' daughter)

When I first saw this story, it brought tears to my eyes. So many accidents are caused by cellphones. They are a distraction and should not be used while driving. Another cause is the intoxification of the driver... He failed a field sobriety test at the scene.

This man deserves everything he will get for these deaths and for driving while intoxicated. Nothing will bring these children back, from a mistake of pure stupidity.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Don't Skimp On Wedding Favors!

Are you looking to save money on your wedding? A lot of people will try to save money on their favors. I remember the last wedding I went to, their favors were very lame. Now, I am not saying that you need to have memorable wedding favors. Most people will remember the beautiful wedding itself, not the favors 10 years from now! My humble opinion is don’t have favors if you are going to do something that will be embarrassing. It will be better to have nothing at all, than something that will embarrass you.

With that said, I have found a site that has wonderful favors, at very affordable prices. And they have edible wedding favors too! The nice thing about this site is they let you choose your own packaging, with a label you design, and the ribbon you like also! They have wonderful wedding cookie favors and candy wedding favors as well. You can even use these favors for other kinds of parties as well, even as give aways to your clients!

Colorado Woman Arrested For Taping Dog To Fridge

A Colorado woman has been arrested on cruelty to animal charges. She taped her boyfriend's dog to the refrigerator.

Apparently she was angry because her boyfriend wanted to keep the dog, so she used packing tape to bind the dogs legs, snout and tail, then stuck the dog to the refrigerator upside down.

Source Fox News

How about we bind her arms and legs up with packing tape, and stick her to the fridge upside down. I wonder how she would feel then??!!!

Another Project At The Homestead!

We have a couple of projects to take care of this spring. Not just the hole in the ceiling of the kitchen! We had a couple of leaks this winter onto our kitchen ceiling as well. Our roof unfortunately backed up with ice this winter.

The winters here in northern New York are brutal. One year we were snowed in for 4 days. The snow that was in front of our house was up to about 6 inches below our roof line. I am not exaggerating either! You couldn’t even tell there was a house on our property if you were looking from the road! So last winter, we had a lot of snow, then warm days following it, then it would snow again.

The whole winter went that way. We ended up with about 1 ½ feet of ice backed up on our roof. That is when the leaks started. I got out on the roof and started chipping away at the ice. My brother in law came over and helped as well. Then my husband and father got out there and got the majority of it off on a real warm day. When the shingles were uncovered, of course there was some that were damaged. Now they need to be replaced.

I really want to put a steel roof on the house, just to alleviate all the problems we have run into the last couple of years. That way the snow and ice will just slide right off of it!

I wish I knew a roofer like the Salt Lake City roofer that could help us out with this. I get so aggravated when I have to go and pick out everything at the stores. I just want a roofer to come in, have me tell him what color I want, and be done with it. I want the job done right! Now all I need is someone to pay for it!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

10 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

In this day and age we need to save money any where we can. That includes on our grocery bills also. I came across this great little ebook that gives tips on how to save money on our groceries.

Just a little disclaimer, you do not have giveaway or resell rights to this. If you wish to purchase resell rights, there is a link inside the ebook to do so.

Here is the link to download:
10 Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

Our Quest For Travel Bags

My husband travels for a living, and is on the road probably close to 200 days a year. Needless to say, he tends to go through a lot of luggage. The airlines aren’t as careful with it as you believe they are. They usually do the old “heave ho” when putting them on the conveyor belt to get onto the plane. Yep, they sling them pretty darn good. He has come home plenty of times with the rollers broken, and zippered compartments ripped. We are constantly on the look out for more durable luggage than we have found thus far.

While surfing on line one night when I was bored, I came across a great site for wheeled carry on luggage. Luckily, he doesn’t have much trouble with his Briefcases and Carry-On Luggage, since they are always in his custody!

It seems that my husbands bigger bags tend to get shredded a lot faster than the smaller ones. I was looking at their larger wheeled luggage and found one that I think will hold up to the wear and tear of his travels. It is called the Intensity, and it is a 24” expandable bag. It comes in two colors also, black and coffee. I’ll see what my husband thinks of this one, I think he will like it too!

New Blog Game - BackLink To Me

Here is a new blog game that we all can play. It is called BackLink To Me. This is a new and fun blog game that we all can play, which will help us increase our backlinks. Backlinks, as we all know, is the foundation to a successful or increased Google PageRank. If you want to increase your Google PageRank, you have to increase the number of backlinks to your site and almost as importantly, your secondary or (deep linked) pages. Backlinks are a collection of other pages on the Net that link back to your site or page within your site. Playing the new blog game, BackLink To Me will help you increase the number of sites that link to your site.

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If you decide to play the new blog game, please remember to link directly to this post, not my home page. I already have a link to that here on this post.
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Have Fun!
- Kate :D

Free Weight Loss E book

I came across this e book when I was surfing the internet, and wanted to share it with all my friends out there that are trying to lose weight like me!

Just a little disclaimer, you do not have resell/ give away rights to this book, you may purchase resell rights to this ebook, there is a link within the ebook to do this.

Here is the link!
15 Tips To Lose Annoying Holiday Pounds

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Plumbing Incident

Ok, so my husband definitely isn’t Mr. Fix It. We have been slowly remodeling our bathroom for 2 years now. Actually it has been ever since I was pregnant with my second girl. She is 19 months now. The former owner decided he wanted a tub and a shower stall in the bathroom, instead of combining the two.

Needless to say, I was getting too big for the shower stall, so I demanded that we correct the situation by making the tub into a tub/shower combo. Then we would take the shower stall out, and make it a desperately needed closet.

Anyways, we were able to get the tub/shower combo done prior to me delivering. The only part that went by the wayside was the closet. This past weekend my husband decided this was it, he was going to finish it. Out came the shower, and needless to say, he wasn’t too careful with taking it apart, so he literally broke the drain pipe.

Now we were stuck with a broken drain pipe and no way to fix it. Needless to say, we had to call a plumber. I searched high and low for one to come out on a weekend., and finally found one, who ended up charging an arm and a leg for 5 minutes of his time. I wish we had someone like the Roxboro plumber in our area, that way I would have known I wouldn’t have gotten taken!

Next time, no plumbing for my husband! The next project is to fix the hole in the ceiling of our kitchen. (he stepped through it when he was in the attic!)

Pet Sitter Accused Of Animal Cruelty

A pet sitter in Minnesota has plead guilty to the charge of animal cruelty. She apparently over fed a potbellied pig named Alaina Templeton. The pig normally weighed 50 lbs. She ballooned up to 150 lbs within 9 months. Her collar became embedded in her neck and had to be surgically removed.

Unbelievable once again folks! This woman plead guilty to this charge, because she knew she would be found guilty by trial... The collar alone is enough to get her on animal cruelty charges! Another prime example of someone who shouldn't have pets.

Source Fox News

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Your Resume Free Online And Get Paid For It!

Have you been looking for a new job? Are you looking for a change, but still want to stay in the same field of expertise? The latest craze to hit the job market is- posting your resume online. There are many sites out there that give you this opportunity. You can post resume free online, and hope that a suitable employer will look at it and call you. Seems pretty simple. But, how would you like to be paid everytime a prospective employer views your resume? Now it is possible with this website I found!

You can create resume, and post your resume free on this site. I am so excited about this site, I can hardly contain myself. I wish this type of thing was available years ago. I may have landed a better career than what I did!

If you are an employer, this site will act like a resume assistant for you. You can search resumes for free. If you choose to download a resume, they will cost you $3.00 at the least. The money that is charged for the resume gets split up, $1 goes to the owner of the resume, and then donations are made to a school or charity of their choice.

Pennsylvania Couple Too Drunk To Notice Baby Dying

I just read an article that made my skin crawl with anger.

A Pennsylvania couple apparently had an evening of drinking and snorting cocaine, then the mother breast fed her baby in a recliner. The following morning the mother awoke to find her baby unresponsive.

The couple are denying that mom was intoxicated. The defense is planning to present evidence that the baby had no alcohol or drugs in its system. Witnesses are saying they saw the couple intoxicated from alcohol and cocaine.

Source Fox News

My opinion on this is, what was the mother doing drinking let alone snorting coke when she was breast feeding???!!!!

Even if you take the breast feeding out of the equation, what is she doing drinking and snorting coke when she is taking care of her child???!!

Sometimes, I just don't understand people.

Need Help To Improve Your Smile?

I have been having some dental problems since having my second daughter. Unfortunately for me, while I was pregnant, she seemed to suck all the calcium (and whatever else I needed!) out of my teeth. My gums were in horrible shape and bleeding also, so I had to go in for scaling procedures every 3 months at the dentist.

I have been trying everything I possibly can to get my gums and teeth back in shape again. My routine now lasts up to 15 minutes in the morning and evening, just to make sure my gums and teeth are really clean! My craziness has paid off, the dentist has said, my gums are improving significantly!

I am constantly on the look out for great deals on dental products. I happened to come across this great website that carries discount products. My one saving grace with all my problems has been my water pick. It has helped my gums immensely. This site has quite a few oral irrigators to choose from, along with electric toothbrushes. You can find just about anything you could possibly need for your oral hygiene on this site. They have very reasonable prices as well. If you are looking to improve your smile, I would definitely suggest this site for you to check out!

Should Sexting Be Legal?

Vermont is considering making "sexting" legal to children between the ages of 13-18. The reason behind this is they do not believe teens should be prosecuted as sex offenders for the consentual exchange of videos and photos.

Sexting is the exchange of explicit photos and videos via cell phone.
Source Fox News

I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I think the children should be punished. They do not realize the severity of their actions. Their actions can hurt people for the rest of their lives, and they don't even realize their consequences.

If this is not passed, it will be a blessing. Then maybe after a while the children will realize what a horrible thing this really is.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Quest To Dress My Dogs

Many of you may know I have 2 boxer girls and 1 doberman boy. They are all my babies. I know many people think I am crazy to feel this way about my dogs, but they truly are part of my family. Just as I like my children dressed well, and looking nice all the time, I like my dogs to look the same! So, I tend to shop often for them! I came across this website the other day while I was looking for some new Dog Collars.

Now I love to look at Collars For Dogs, and picking out new ones, especially for the girls. They have so many pretty ones to choose from. It is so difficult to pick out just one Dog Collar for each girl!

I chose the Stunning Swarovski Dog Collar on Pink for Lily, then the collar I picked for Murphy is the same, except in white. Now I had to find a very masculine collar for Troy. I settled on the Black Skulls Dog Collar, as it was the most manly one of them all!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Whole Wheat Pancakes

I have officially found another great recipe on Recipezaar! This one is for whole wheat pancakes, here's the recipe:

Whole Wheat Pancakes

1 cp. whole wheat flour
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1 tbsp. honey
3 tbsp. oil
1 cp. buttermilk
2 large eggs

Stir honey and oil together in a bowl. Add milk and eggs. Beat well. Mix dry ingredients into the liquid until flour is moistened. Cook and enjoy!

Makes 4-6 servings

My Experience As A General Contractor

Back a about 5 years ago, I could have used a general contractor. It is not easy being your own general contractor when building your own home. You have to coordinate all the sub contractors, make sure all the materials arrive on time. And you also need to make sure everything is being done correctly. You have to get all the necessary permits, and make sure the inspections by the codes officer are done on time. I would have given my right arm for San Francisco general contractors at that time!

I got so stressed at one point in our building process, that I even had to turn my own husband into the codes officer. Imagine having to do that! He was plumbing the bathroom incorrectly. He was assuming since he was doing it, and his brother was telling him what to do (he had built his own home a couple years prior) that it was correct. It wasn’t, and he wouldn’t listen to me! I was so aggravated at that point, I made the call. Luckily the codes officer was very understanding to me, and just made a “surprise” visit at the right time!

San Francisco general contractors could have handled that whole mess for me, and I wouldn’t have ended up ticking off my husband and his brother so bad!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! I woke up this morning to the baby crying at 6:30 am. Uggh! Don't know why she is having such a hard time sleeping lately! Anyways, got up, gave her a bottle and we got another 1 1/2 hrs of sleep, yeah!!!!

It is a beautiful morning here in Northern New York, hope I get a chance to enjoy some of it today! Hope y'all have a wonderful Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Choosing The Right Bronze Plaque Or Marker

Chances are when you are searching for the perfect bronze plaque or marker, it may not be the most joyful time in your life. Usually this happens when you have a loss, when someone passes away. You really aren’t in the mood to haggle with people about the per letter cost on bronze memorial plaques, or bronze grave markers.

Or maybe you are looking for cast bronze plaques to mark a special occasion, or special location. Most places do charge by the letter, or by the logo or graphic. does not charge this way. They have a flat rate on each of their markers or plaques. There is no haggling. Just pick the one you want, and give them what you want put on it. They will usually get back to you within a couple of hours with a proof. Other places usually take days to get you a proof. is dedicated to guaranteeing you foundry direct pricing, and “Old World” style craftsmanship from a 100 year old foundry that is still family owned. Go ahead and check them out, you will be glad you did!

Oswego County Postal Worker Charged

A part time postal worker in Oswego County was charged with stealing mail. Three residents along Christa Koagel's mail route reported that they had sent money in greeting cards, that never made it to their destination.

An investigation was started, and postal investigators mailed 24 cards from her route with marked bills in them, while she was working. Only 5 of the fake cards arrived at their destinations.


How could anyone be so stupid? This woman had it made with a federal job, benefits, and pay. She threw it all away for a lousy couple hundred bucks?! Now she is facing federal prison time, not to mention a permanent record of a felony.

Shoes For Summer From Stride Rite

I was online the other night shopping for new summer shoes for my girls when I came across the Stride Rite website. I have a hard time finding shoes that I like for both the girls at the same store. I don’t like to shop to begin with, so I want to make it as easy as I can on my self. My girls are 9 and 18 months, so obviously they both have wildly different tastes in styles!

When I saw the Stride Rite site, I was so thrilled. They had styles that both my girls would like, and I liked their prices. I know Stride Rite is a great brand, from back when I was a kid. My mother wouldn’t buy my shoes and sneakers from anywhere else! I don’t have to worry about them falling apart after 2 months, and they are comfortable.

The styles I finally settled on for the girls were the Stride Rite Tulip in hot pink for my youngest, and the Stride Rite Angler in brown for my oldest. My oldest girl is a little rough on her things, and she likes to play out side a lot and get dirty, so that is why I chose the Stride Rite Angler. It is a bit more outdoor-ish than the girly girl Stride Rite Tulip!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Paid To Blog

As everyone probably knows by now, I write some posts for advertisers. I kind of stumbled into it really. I started out doing affiliate marketing, and was blogging at the same time. I realized after I had applied to a couple of the “pay to post” sites, that it was easier to make money that way, than with affiliate marketing!

So, here I am with SnapBomb. This is one of the sites that will pay you to post to your blog. I was pretty excited to find them, since I only knew of 2 sites originally, and I wasn’t getting a ton of offers from either one.

I applied to SnapBomb and was approved within a couple of days. Their whole process is pretty fast. You get approved, go find an opportunity, post, and get paid!

The opportunities that you get will depend on your blog rating, the higher your rating, the more offers you will be qualified for. So if you are interested in being paid to blog, check out SnapBomb at this link >>>

You definitely won’t be disappointed in their system! Good luck and happy blogging!

My Plastic Surgery Dreams

I have been dreaming of having plastic surgery for quite a long time. I don’t know of any female plastic surgeons in my area though. I have been thinking, once I have enough money saved up, I would have some liposuction on my butt and thighs, and also breast augmentation. The breast augmentation would have to wait until I am done having children though.

I have been really tired of having these big bazongas, and as the years go by, they don’t look any prettier! I would just love to have them perky, not that they ever were!

While hunting on the internet for plastic surgeons I came across this website. So, if you are looking for a Female Plastic Surgeon in Los Angeles this is the place for you! They can give you information on everything I listed earlier, plus more!

So, go ahead and check out Dr. Genevieve MacDonald’s site, maybe she is the female plastic surgeon for you!

Weight Update

I have officially lost 4 lbs.! I have lost a bit of my appetite, thank the lord! So needless to say, I haven't been having as many cravings as I normally do.

I still am using splenda in all of my recipes, and drinking skim milk. I also use whole wheat flour instead of regular all purpose flour.

I think every little bit helps, or maybe it is my imagination!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Highway 4 Area

If you are looking for a place to vacation or just to get back to nature, and are tired of the hustle and bustle of Lake Tahoe, I have found a place for you to escape! The Highway 4 area. This is the closest mountainous area to San Francisco!

You will find the Ebbetts Pass corridor (part of the Highway 4 area) offers the same beauty of the Lake Tahoe region but without all the congestion and traffic. You can go hiking, and actually not see a soul all day! You can also have a leisurely day of skiing, or shopping as well, without the head ache of all the people around you like in Lake Tahoe.

There is also the Bear Valley, Arnold, Murphys, Angels Camp and Copperopolis area to explore as well. You can go skiing at the newly expanded Bear Valley Ski Area, or visit the Copperopolis town site. If you want to find a vacation home or rental this is the place to go!

Prices are in the 1990s level, which is absolutely amazing to me. If you are interested in a vacation rental or purchase please visit Big Trees Real Estate and see all they have to offer.

Sandra Cantu's Body Found

In Tracy, California, the body of Sandra Cantu was found in a suitcase recovered from a pond. The pond is a couple of miles away from where she was last seen a week ago. Farmworkers were draining the pond, when they found the suitcase.

Source Fox News

I hope to God they find the monster that did this to Sandra. Maybe they should shove him in a suitcase like he did to her. My heart and thoughts go out to Sandra's family in this time of sorrow.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Quality Pet Care In Bay Area

Have you been looking for quality animal care in the bay area? Well, I have a place for you! I came across this site, and immediately suggested it to my brother who lives near San Francisco.

He has a beautiful Golden Retriever named Hamilton. Hamilton is the pride of my brother, since he doesn’t have any children yet. He treats him just like a member of the family, as I agree he should be!

My brother has looked to me for years for advice with his pets, since I have owned dogs all my life, and have recently gotten into studying how diet affects their health.

American Animal Care Center is an animal hospital that is dedicated to your pets. They treat all animals as if they were their own. Check out their web site when you get a moment. It is actually pretty neat. They even have a video on it, showing you their state of the art facilities.

If you are looking for more information on your pet than you can find on their main site, you can always visit the American Animal Care Center Blog. The blog gives great detailed information on a variety of conditions your pet may have.

If you want to meet up with other people who utilize the care center, check out American Animal Care Center Meetup. There are a lot of interesting groups to join there also!

1 Year Old Found With Dead Mother

1 year old Cody Farley was found Sunday with his dead mother Kelly Farley in Clinton Township, Michigan. Apparently Kelly had passed away a couple days prior to Sunday. according to the autopsy report, there was no apparent signs of trauma. Authorities are awaiting toxicology reports to determine the cause of death.

The baby was turned over to the victims brother after being checked out

Source Fox News

When I see stories like this one, it makes my heart ache. I can't imagine a child growing up without a mother. I know it happens everyday, and this is just a fact of life unfortunately. But I am also glad to see the baby survived. It just goes to show how resilient humans can be.

HDTV A Day Giveaway!

I came across this site, that is giving away an HDTV a day, during the month of April. What is the catch, you may be asking? Well, you can enter one of two ways…

You can click the register button on the website, or you can purchase one of Charter’s many package offers, and be automatically entered.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, Charter is a cable company. They offer cable, internet, and phone services to the public all across the country (USA). Charter is priding itself on its how fun they are, and all the contests they have run.

Last year they ran online contests, and people walked away with laptops, Xbox 360s, and one lucky customer left with a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid! Boy, I wish that were me!

Charter offers many bundle packages to customers to help save them money. If you were to purchase the services separately, they would cost you much more!

I almost forgot, the grand prize to this current contest is a 52” Sony Bravia flat screen LCD HDTV along with 1 year free of Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming! So I would suggest to register as soon as you can, because time is running out by the day!

My 1st Day Without The Puppy!

So this is day 1 of being without Troy. It is so quiet in the house without him! The girls (Lily and Murphy) don't seem to be in too much distress without him, but the baby seems to miss him.

She keeps looking for him in all the rooms, it is actually kind of comical!

On to other things...

I am absolutely amazed at how much an 18 month old can understand. She can only speak about 20 + words, and doesn't use sentences yet, but she can understand us.

She surprised me earlier when I took off my shoes in the living room. ( I normally don't do this) She picked up the shoes, so I asked her if she would put them where they belonged. She did just that, she put them in the pile of shoes near the front door!

Maybe this doesn't amaze some of you, but it is to a mom!

Home Inspections

Since the real estate market has been in a slump, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a buyer’s market. It certainly is, with interest rates at an all time low recently. Many people are out searching for new homes.

If you are searching for a new home, some banks require a home inspection to be done prior to them approving your mortgage. Home inspections will usually inspect your home from roof to sidewalk. This means they will inspect every aspect of your house.

If you live in the Austin area, Austin Home Inspection is the service for you.
They will give you a detailed report of what needs to be fixed, be it your faucet in the upper bathroom, or the insulation in the attic.

Austin home inspection goes above and beyond the call of duty. They will even do an thermal scan on your house if you want! They can analyze your wiring, check for gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and more.

I have never seen a home inspection company go as far as they do! They will even do light commercial and construction inspections. They can inspect any aspect of your residential property for you, including pools, spas, concrete slabs. This is the stuff that usually goes un noticed in a home inspection! I would definitely recommend their services!

Man Tries To Beat Demon Out Of 3 Year Old

In Houston, a man allegedly tried to beat his 3 year old son, because he had a demon inside him.
Police responded to an alarm, when they said they saw Jacky Tran swinging something (possibly the boy).

The boy was taken to a hospital with a fractured skull, but is expected to survive.

Unbelievable, once again. Why is it that this seems to be a growing trend? More and more parents are claiming they are seeing demons, or trying to rid their loved ones of evil spirits?

These people need some serious help, before someone does get killed.

I hope this little boy makes a speedy recovery, and is not allowed back with his father.

Source Fox News

Sunday, April 5, 2009


I came across a site that has helped me out in my quest to being a successful blogger. It has some very informative articles for bloggers, webmasters,webmistresses, and the like. The link is below.

Nile Flores, the webmistress, seems to be very well versed in graphics, coding, writing, reviewing, and just overall web design. I would recommend any one of her articles to other bloggers, as she has very valid points in all of them. She also has another site called The Listing, which is a web directory. So, go ahead and check her sites out!

Training Day!

Yeah! I am so excited. Today is the big day, I am taking our Doberman puppy, Troy, to training camp. I just can't contain my excitement!

I don't know how I survived growing up with dogs that weren't trained. I guess you tend to luck out every once in a while with a good dog, who is naturally smart and likes to please his owner.

Although I do remember my fair share of dogs that weren't like this! Brandy for instance loved to chase cars. No matter what we did to deter him, he would still chase the tires on vehicles.

Unfortunately one day my father ran over his head. Don't worry, Brandy survived this ordeal. He survived to live a couple more years. We got to the point where (yep, we were stupid) he wouldn't be let out of the house unless he was on a leash or chained up. My mother, unfortunately, shouldn't own dogs. She would continuously let Brandy out free.

One day, Brandy didn't come back. Night rolled around, and he still wasn't back. First thing in the morning, our neighbor came banging on the door. Brandy had been hit, and spent the night in a snowbank in front of his house.

We rushed him to the vet, of course, yelling at my mother the whole way. There was extensive damage, he had broken his pelvis. He could have survived, but the surgery was just too much money for us. We had to put him to sleep.

The moral to this story is, smarten up! You shouldn't own a pet unless you are going to train it, and be responsible for it!

I will let you know how Troy is doing, in 2 weeks when he returns to us!

Negative Bloggers

I just read a post from another blog, SunEGrl Loves To Shop, about negative bloggers, and why they post negatively.

I have heard of this phenomenon also. People seem to think they get more traffic to their blogs if they spark a conversation that is negative. They want to pick a fight so to speak.

All they are trying to do is prey on peoples likeliness to become infuriated with them.

I totally agree with Dena on this one, I don't like to post negatively. I don't try to get more traffic by sparking an argument between myself and the readers.

I do however post things that will get you talking, or thinking. I am especially drawn to news stories of abuse. If I post on these topics it is because I want to spread the word about how awful abuse is, and we need to stop it.

There, that is my rant for the day!

Friday, April 3, 2009

911 Call: Woman Stabbing Toddler

Officers in Gardner, Mass. Responded to an apartment building after a call that a woman was attempting to stab a toddler with scissors.

Susan Johnson, 38 was found restrained by a security officer in the laundry room of the building. The two year old was in the room as well and suffered stab wounds to the head, torso and neck. The toddler also had marks around the neck from where she apparently attempted to strangle the baby.

She was placed under arrest, the baby was treated and transported to Henry Heywood Hospital.

Source and Yahoo!News Video

You can hear the gruesome 911 call on the Yahoo!News Video site.

If it were up to me, I would do the same thing to the woman, that she did to that baby. What the hell is wrong with people these days, that they have to harm an innocent child?!

Are You A Woman? Do You Like To Shop?

If you are a woman and you like to shop for yourself, or others, like your children, I have come across a site you will just love! It is called You can find just about anything for anyone on this site.

If you are looking for clothing for women, this is the place to look. Many different companies advertise their clothing on shopwiki. So you may not necessarily buy 2 items from the same store. You can shop around for the best price, which is nice in these tought times. That is the part I like! I hate to part with my money, especially these days, so I am constantly searching for the best price on products!

You can find clothing for men, women and children on shopwiki, along with accessories, sports clothing. I found a bunch of workout clothing here that I absolutely love!

Lap Band

Lap Band surgery is a saving grace to some people who just can’t lose that extra weight. You can go on this website and see lap band testimonials, and lap band before and after pictures.

I would love to have the surgery done myself, since I am having so much trouble taking my excess weight off. Unfortunately I do not meet the criteria required. I have been struggling with these extra pounds for about 2 years. It hasn’t been easy, but I am determined to eventually take them off! Unfortunately I do not meet the criteria required. If you are looking to have the lap band surgery call 1-800-GET-SLIM.

My Diet

So, this is day 2 of trying to have several small meals during the day instead of 3 large ones. So far so good. I had a small bowl of Kashi cereal this morning, then went to the gym for an hour. It is 10:30 and I am starting to get a little hungry, so I am going to get a small snack.

I will keep you posted on the rest of the day!

Do You Know Where The Sex Offenders Are In Your Town?

Most people don’t realize how prevalent sexual crimes are. They are happening in your town, most likely as we speak. You can deny it all you want, but the truth is, it happens. It doesn’t matter how old you are, how young you are, what sex you are, how well you were brought up, if you are in an upscale community, or a low income housing project. It happens.

It happened to my extended family. We never in a million years would have dreamed of something like that happening, but it did. The perpetrator was found guilty, although not on the original charge, and put away for a short period of time. Now he is out walking the streets of my town again. I am concerned that he will commit another act on another innocent child. But, there is not much we can do.

The one thing I can do is Track Local Sex Offenders on the internet. I can find out where they live, and where they work. That way I can keep my children away from those areas. On this site you can view photographs of the offenders, get their addresses, and a detailed report of their crime.

I am sure you want to protect your family as much as I do mine. There is nothing stopping you from gathering this information and using it to keep your family safe.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Man Kills 2 Sisters, Attempt Made On 3rd

In Milton, Massachusetts a man fatally stabbed his 17 year old sister, and then decapitated his 5 year old sister in front of a police officer and his 9 year old sister. He then attempted to get to his remaining sister, when he was shot dead by police officers.

There is no known reason as of yet for the rampage.

I am glad he is dead, if he had survived, I would have wished him the same torture as he brought onto his sisters. I can't even imagine the horror the 9 year old sister felt as she watched and listened to her own brother slaughtering her sisters and trying to kill her. She, of course, will never be the same. I would be surprised if counseling will bring her peace. I certainly hope so.

Source Fox News

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ever Hear Silly Sex Theories?

Did you ever hear any silly sex theories? The one that stands out in my head the most is, to get pregnant, raise your hips up after having sex. Like on a pillow. Yep, that is right, raise your hips up on a pillow after sex, so the sperm go the way you want them to, through the cervix!

How about the one that says, you can’t get pregnant if you use a condom, or are on the pill. Now the majority of us out in the real world know these are not true, but think about our children. They don’t know what is right or wrong, unless someone tells them. Do you want someone else telling them these stories are true? If it happens, then chances are your child will end up with a child!

The best thing would be to sit down with your child and talk honestly about sex. Some parents just aren’t comfortable with the "sex talk". If that is the case, there is a new web site that is dedicated to just this purpose. To educate people on the subject of sex. The site can help you educate yourself and your children on sex, preventing pregnancy, HIV, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.

I Fell Off The Wagon

I guess I don't have any will power for this diet thing. I just can't do a liquid diet... I need some substance that I can actually chew! I think I am addicted to food in general. I love to eat, I love food. I guess it is probably surprising that I don't actually weigh more that I do!

I guess the best thing I can do right now, is just concentrate on eating healthier, and exercising more. Maybe I am just destined to be this weight. I know I don't like it, but I can't seem to shake it.

Ever Have Trouble With Your Vehicles Air Conditioning?

I have had trouble with my air conditioning in the past. My ex husband is a mechanic and our vehicles were always the last to get fixed. I remember driving around in a minivan with no heat, and no air conditioning with my new born daughter. That was not a fun time in my life, driving around in 95 * weather with no air conditioning. Even rolling down the windows while I drove didn’t cool things off.

I guess he didn’t know about If he did, I’m sure he would have fixed our auto ac compressor. Maybe I am just fooling myself!