Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Paid To Blog

As everyone probably knows by now, I write some posts for advertisers. I kind of stumbled into it really. I started out doing affiliate marketing, and was blogging at the same time. I realized after I had applied to a couple of the “pay to post” sites, that it was easier to make money that way, than with affiliate marketing!

So, here I am with SnapBomb. This is one of the sites that will pay you to post to your blog. I was pretty excited to find them, since I only knew of 2 sites originally, and I wasn’t getting a ton of offers from either one.

I applied to SnapBomb and was approved within a couple of days. Their whole process is pretty fast. You get approved, go find an opportunity, post, and get paid!

The opportunities that you get will depend on your blog rating, the higher your rating, the more offers you will be qualified for. So if you are interested in being paid to blog, check out SnapBomb at this link >>>

You definitely won’t be disappointed in their system! Good luck and happy blogging!