Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Experience As A General Contractor

Back a about 5 years ago, I could have used a general contractor. It is not easy being your own general contractor when building your own home. You have to coordinate all the sub contractors, make sure all the materials arrive on time. And you also need to make sure everything is being done correctly. You have to get all the necessary permits, and make sure the inspections by the codes officer are done on time. I would have given my right arm for San Francisco general contractors at that time!

I got so stressed at one point in our building process, that I even had to turn my own husband into the codes officer. Imagine having to do that! He was plumbing the bathroom incorrectly. He was assuming since he was doing it, and his brother was telling him what to do (he had built his own home a couple years prior) that it was correct. It wasn’t, and he wouldn’t listen to me! I was so aggravated at that point, I made the call. Luckily the codes officer was very understanding to me, and just made a “surprise” visit at the right time!

San Francisco general contractors could have handled that whole mess for me, and I wouldn’t have ended up ticking off my husband and his brother so bad!