Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pennsylvania Couple Too Drunk To Notice Baby Dying

I just read an article that made my skin crawl with anger.

A Pennsylvania couple apparently had an evening of drinking and snorting cocaine, then the mother breast fed her baby in a recliner. The following morning the mother awoke to find her baby unresponsive.

The couple are denying that mom was intoxicated. The defense is planning to present evidence that the baby had no alcohol or drugs in its system. Witnesses are saying they saw the couple intoxicated from alcohol and cocaine.

Source Fox News

My opinion on this is, what was the mother doing drinking let alone snorting coke when she was breast feeding???!!!!

Even if you take the breast feeding out of the equation, what is she doing drinking and snorting coke when she is taking care of her child???!!

Sometimes, I just don't understand people.