Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post Your Resume Free Online And Get Paid For It!

Have you been looking for a new job? Are you looking for a change, but still want to stay in the same field of expertise? The latest craze to hit the job market is- posting your resume online. There are many sites out there that give you this opportunity. You can post resume free online, and hope that a suitable employer will look at it and call you. Seems pretty simple. But, how would you like to be paid everytime a prospective employer views your resume? Now it is possible with this website I found!

You can create resume, and post your resume free on this site. I am so excited about this site, I can hardly contain myself. I wish this type of thing was available years ago. I may have landed a better career than what I did!

If you are an employer, this site will act like a resume assistant for you. You can search resumes for free. If you choose to download a resume, they will cost you $3.00 at the least. The money that is charged for the resume gets split up, $1 goes to the owner of the resume, and then donations are made to a school or charity of their choice.