Monday, April 13, 2009

My Quest To Dress My Dogs

Many of you may know I have 2 boxer girls and 1 doberman boy. They are all my babies. I know many people think I am crazy to feel this way about my dogs, but they truly are part of my family. Just as I like my children dressed well, and looking nice all the time, I like my dogs to look the same! So, I tend to shop often for them! I came across this website the other day while I was looking for some new Dog Collars.

Now I love to look at Collars For Dogs, and picking out new ones, especially for the girls. They have so many pretty ones to choose from. It is so difficult to pick out just one Dog Collar for each girl!

I chose the Stunning Swarovski Dog Collar on Pink for Lily, then the collar I picked for Murphy is the same, except in white. Now I had to find a very masculine collar for Troy. I settled on the Black Skulls Dog Collar, as it was the most manly one of them all!