Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our Quest For Travel Bags

My husband travels for a living, and is on the road probably close to 200 days a year. Needless to say, he tends to go through a lot of luggage. The airlines aren’t as careful with it as you believe they are. They usually do the old “heave ho” when putting them on the conveyor belt to get onto the plane. Yep, they sling them pretty darn good. He has come home plenty of times with the rollers broken, and zippered compartments ripped. We are constantly on the look out for more durable luggage than we have found thus far.

While surfing on line one night when I was bored, I came across a great site for wheeled carry on luggage. Luckily, he doesn’t have much trouble with his Briefcases and Carry-On Luggage, since they are always in his custody!

It seems that my husbands bigger bags tend to get shredded a lot faster than the smaller ones. I was looking at their larger wheeled luggage and found one that I think will hold up to the wear and tear of his travels. It is called the Intensity, and it is a 24” expandable bag. It comes in two colors also, black and coffee. I’ll see what my husband thinks of this one, I think he will like it too!


f8hasit said...

Hi ex-husband traveled alot and turned me onto Tumi luggage. I cringed at the price originally, but since I've now had the same ballistic nylon bag for over 12 years, the initial price doesn't seem all that bad! If your husband has the new bag shredded (again), have him try a Tumi.

Enjoying the hodge-podge! Have a great day!

K.M. George said...


Thanks for the advice! And thank you for visiting!