Monday, April 20, 2009

Troy Is Back!

We picked up the boy on Saturday. Troy did very well in training camp. He was so glad to be home, and to actually sleep on soft furniture though! He didn't move from the couch most of the evening. When it was time for bed, he was right there, and he wasn't going to move for anything!

Adam went through the commands with him yesterday, and he did beautifully. He has retained what he learned! So, we need to give it quite a while, keep going over all the commands with him on the leash for a while, until it is second nature, then we can try off leash training.

So, for the most part, he is doing beautifully. Still having a couple accidents in the house, here and there but he is still a puppy...


Ian said...

I wish my children had been trained like that. Then perhaps my daughter wouldn't be an unemployed single parent at the age of 20.

dhimas130184 said...

good story, keep going.