Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Big Concrete Plans

I see a theme starting here. I have been talking a lot about the home improvements we want to make. I seem to have a lot of ideas and not enough drive or energy to keep up with them all! I suppose most people have this problem as well! I keep thinking of things that need to be done to beautify our property, and just hit upon another doozie.

The man who built our home was strange. He did a lot of strange things that don’t make any sense. This one kind of tops the list. Our home sets back off the road about 800 feet, and he decided he was going to make a cement drive way. I guess if he had the money to do it, so be it. The only draw back to it was he didn’t continue it to the road, he left about 30 feet of it gravel, and he only made it wide enough for one vehicle. It is very narrow. The narrow part I can’t do anything about, but the other I can. I just need to come up with the money! I wish I knew of someone like Salt Lake City Concrete that I could get to come and finish the end of my drive way!

I would have other work for them also, like finishing off around my pool. We have been thinking about putting in pavers where there is a little patch of grass left by our fish pond (which is right next to the pool). Instead of doing pavers, we could do stamped concrete!

I have a lot of big ideas, don’t I? They all seem to be bigger than my wallet too!