Thursday, April 23, 2009

Problem With Murphy

I have a new dilemma in my life now! My middle dog, Murphy Brown (pure bred female boxer) just nipped my youngest daughter yesterday.

I am fit to be tied about this. I am so upset, I really thought she would work out with us! Unfortunately for Murphy, my priority lies with my daughter before her. Needless to say, I need to find a home for Murphy now. She really is a loving and fun dog to have. She loves to be with you, loves to snuggle too. She would be perfect for a family without small children that like to climb on animals! Before any one lambastes me for letting a child climb on my dog, I want to remind you that she is a baby... not even 2 years old yet. There is only so much a 19 month old understands about life! That is the only issue we have had with her, besides the fact that she loves, no in fact she demands attention.

This will work out, I have faith, some how this will work out for the better.