Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Highway 4 Area

If you are looking for a place to vacation or just to get back to nature, and are tired of the hustle and bustle of Lake Tahoe, I have found a place for you to escape! The Highway 4 area. This is the closest mountainous area to San Francisco!

You will find the Ebbetts Pass corridor (part of the Highway 4 area) offers the same beauty of the Lake Tahoe region but without all the congestion and traffic. You can go hiking, and actually not see a soul all day! You can also have a leisurely day of skiing, or shopping as well, without the head ache of all the people around you like in Lake Tahoe.

There is also the Bear Valley, Arnold, Murphys, Angels Camp and Copperopolis area to explore as well. You can go skiing at the newly expanded Bear Valley Ski Area, or visit the Copperopolis town site. If you want to find a vacation home or rental this is the place to go!

Prices are in the 1990s level, which is absolutely amazing to me. If you are interested in a vacation rental or purchase please visit Big Trees Real Estate and see all they have to offer.


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