Sunday, April 5, 2009

Training Day!

Yeah! I am so excited. Today is the big day, I am taking our Doberman puppy, Troy, to training camp. I just can't contain my excitement!

I don't know how I survived growing up with dogs that weren't trained. I guess you tend to luck out every once in a while with a good dog, who is naturally smart and likes to please his owner.

Although I do remember my fair share of dogs that weren't like this! Brandy for instance loved to chase cars. No matter what we did to deter him, he would still chase the tires on vehicles.

Unfortunately one day my father ran over his head. Don't worry, Brandy survived this ordeal. He survived to live a couple more years. We got to the point where (yep, we were stupid) he wouldn't be let out of the house unless he was on a leash or chained up. My mother, unfortunately, shouldn't own dogs. She would continuously let Brandy out free.

One day, Brandy didn't come back. Night rolled around, and he still wasn't back. First thing in the morning, our neighbor came banging on the door. Brandy had been hit, and spent the night in a snowbank in front of his house.

We rushed him to the vet, of course, yelling at my mother the whole way. There was extensive damage, he had broken his pelvis. He could have survived, but the surgery was just too much money for us. We had to put him to sleep.

The moral to this story is, smarten up! You shouldn't own a pet unless you are going to train it, and be responsible for it!

I will let you know how Troy is doing, in 2 weeks when he returns to us!