Sunday, April 5, 2009

Negative Bloggers

I just read a post from another blog, SunEGrl Loves To Shop, about negative bloggers, and why they post negatively.

I have heard of this phenomenon also. People seem to think they get more traffic to their blogs if they spark a conversation that is negative. They want to pick a fight so to speak.

All they are trying to do is prey on peoples likeliness to become infuriated with them.

I totally agree with Dena on this one, I don't like to post negatively. I don't try to get more traffic by sparking an argument between myself and the readers.

I do however post things that will get you talking, or thinking. I am especially drawn to news stories of abuse. If I post on these topics it is because I want to spread the word about how awful abuse is, and we need to stop it.

There, that is my rant for the day!