Monday, April 27, 2009

Another Family Rant

This weekend was a beautiful weekend here in the north country! What do you think my daughter was doing most of the time... sitting in front of the tv. So, I told her to shut the tv off, and get outside to help us clean up the yard.

She wasn't too happy, but she did it anyways. Turns out that my daughter is lazy. I am not saying that I am really motivated, but I am definitely more motivated than my daughter.

I asked her to go get me an ice water, literally to fill my water jug with ice water, her response was, "here, just take mine."

No, I don't want to take yours! Go get me my own ice water please! What the heck...
I would never have dreamed in a million years to talk to my dad or mom like that! If they had asked me to do something, I did it!

This is pretty tough, because I have joint custody with my ex husband, so she is with both of us 1/2 the time. My ex husband and his family spoil the hell out of her, and never make her do anything... His mother comes in and does all the cleaning and laundry for him. It is pretty sickening... and I can't do a darn thing about it.

It makes me so angry though, because my daughter is turning into the exact opposite of what she should be, a self sufficient young lady. She doesn't care about how she looks, how her hair is. I constantly nag her during the day to straighten herself up, brush her hair, etc...

I feel like I am in a losing battle.


Shirley Anderson said...

You poor thing, that's not an easy situation.

One day, when she's older, hopefully she'll decide that she does want to be an independent woman. If she does, she'll have you to thank for it.

Don't give up! It may be hard now but the payoff could very good.

You'll see your hard work was all worthwhile and she'll make you proud by growing into a terrific adult who had a fabulous role model.

Good luck!