Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Project At The Homestead!

We have a couple of projects to take care of this spring. Not just the hole in the ceiling of the kitchen! We had a couple of leaks this winter onto our kitchen ceiling as well. Our roof unfortunately backed up with ice this winter.

The winters here in northern New York are brutal. One year we were snowed in for 4 days. The snow that was in front of our house was up to about 6 inches below our roof line. I am not exaggerating either! You couldn’t even tell there was a house on our property if you were looking from the road! So last winter, we had a lot of snow, then warm days following it, then it would snow again.

The whole winter went that way. We ended up with about 1 ½ feet of ice backed up on our roof. That is when the leaks started. I got out on the roof and started chipping away at the ice. My brother in law came over and helped as well. Then my husband and father got out there and got the majority of it off on a real warm day. When the shingles were uncovered, of course there was some that were damaged. Now they need to be replaced.

I really want to put a steel roof on the house, just to alleviate all the problems we have run into the last couple of years. That way the snow and ice will just slide right off of it!

I wish I knew a roofer like the Salt Lake City roofer that could help us out with this. I get so aggravated when I have to go and pick out everything at the stores. I just want a roofer to come in, have me tell him what color I want, and be done with it. I want the job done right! Now all I need is someone to pay for it!!!