Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ever Hear Silly Sex Theories?

Did you ever hear any silly sex theories? The one that stands out in my head the most is, to get pregnant, raise your hips up after having sex. Like on a pillow. Yep, that is right, raise your hips up on a pillow after sex, so the sperm go the way you want them to, through the cervix!

How about the one that says, you can’t get pregnant if you use a condom, or are on the pill. Now the majority of us out in the real world know these are not true, but think about our children. They don’t know what is right or wrong, unless someone tells them. Do you want someone else telling them these stories are true? If it happens, then chances are your child will end up with a child!

The best thing would be to sit down with your child and talk honestly about sex. Some parents just aren’t comfortable with the "sex talk". If that is the case, there is a new web site that is dedicated to just this purpose. To educate people on the subject of sex. The site can help you educate yourself and your children on sex, preventing pregnancy, HIV, AIDS, and sexually transmitted diseases.