Monday, April 6, 2009

My 1st Day Without The Puppy!

So this is day 1 of being without Troy. It is so quiet in the house without him! The girls (Lily and Murphy) don't seem to be in too much distress without him, but the baby seems to miss him.

She keeps looking for him in all the rooms, it is actually kind of comical!

On to other things...

I am absolutely amazed at how much an 18 month old can understand. She can only speak about 20 + words, and doesn't use sentences yet, but she can understand us.

She surprised me earlier when I took off my shoes in the living room. ( I normally don't do this) She picked up the shoes, so I asked her if she would put them where they belonged. She did just that, she put them in the pile of shoes near the front door!

Maybe this doesn't amaze some of you, but it is to a mom!