Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Found A New Investment Advisory Service!

My husband and I have been discussing getting into the stock market lately, since the market has been so low. Neither one of us has invested previously, except for our 401K accounts. It is a little nerve racking trying to figure everything out, and understanding all the investment lingo. So in my searching, I came across this site that helped me immensely and is an investment advisory service, so I will review it for you!

Their name is Wicked Profits, and their site is very informative.

They have a FAQ section that answered most of my questions. Some of my questions were, “how long have they been in business, how do I learn about stock index options, do they use stop loss orders, and what is auto trading?”

The short answers to my questions were:

They have been in business since 2000.

They give you specific instructions on how to enter their recommendations. Their member area will give us all the information we need to know. And we don’t need to know everything about trading in order to make a profit!

Yes, stop loss orders are used. (whew, that is a good thing!)

Auto trading is a service offered in conjunction with something called optionsXpress. With every recommendation that Wicked Profits makes, optionsXpress will enter these orders (recommendations) automatically for you.

There are so many more questions that are answered in their FAQ section, that you just have to read it yourself! also has a section where you can view their annual returns since 2000. This section definitely put my mind at ease!


Clive said...

Hi Kate

You're very brave going straight to index options trading. Been burnt many times, although admittedly now may be better timing.

However it could easilty be a bear market rally.

Anyway you may want to think about collective investments first these tend to be more stable as you can spread the risk over many comapnies, countries and currencies.