Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Melamine Is Still A Concern!

I posted this story in my dog food blog, but I believe it is worthy of this blog as well.

I want to get the word out about this obviously serious problem!

Back in March 2007 there was a massive dog food recall. It was because of Melamine.

Melamine is a chemical used in fertilizers, and was found to be in quite a few brands of dog food. Melamine is not safe for human consumption, let alone consumption by our dogs.

Quite a few dogs died because of this contamination. Melamine poisoning causes kidney stones and kidney failure. The root cause of this contamination?

Two companies in China were using melamine as a filler in a product that was used in dog food. This product was then shipped to the U.S. and used by the majority of the dog food manufacturers.

Now, fast forward to September 2008. Melamine is back in the news again, and guess why?
A Chinese milk product has been contaminated with melamine!

At the time of this printing, 4 babies have died because of this product. World wide, the major concern is for candies. A lot of countries import snacks and candies made from milk and or milk products produced in China.

So, beware! The melamine scare isn't over yet!

Here is the link to the story>>>>> Chinese Dairy Imports Kill 4 Babies


Jack Payne said...

Never heard of this product. Good info. Gotta protect my dog.

Sherin said...

This is a clear evidence on people can do anything for money. No one bother about others... everybody requires money. Should hang such people in public and cut there body and give to dog. Till now I didn't heard about any one who took all his wealth with him to hell or heaven after he dies.....


Shirley Anderson said...

Between the recent Listeria deaths, this and other assorted food scares over the last couple of years, it makes me wonder what's going on.

If it keeps up, I may have to buy a milk cow and grow my own veggies. :)

At least then, I'd know the food was safe for man or beast.