Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cold In New York!

Right about now, I am pretty sick of winter. I hate the cold, and I hate the snow. Today was a pretty sunny day, in fact it was super bright out. The only drawback, it was about 12 degrees all day long!

Tomorrow is March 1st, I consider that spring time, not winter time! We should be watching the tulips grow, not the water freeze!

Arizona is always a place I would love to go. Nice and warm. Not a lot of allergens either. ( My husband and I both have severe allergies)

Right now it is about 80 degrees in Arizona. Nice! Looking for property can be pretty daunting also. I have come across this real estate company, Scottsdale Fine Properties.

They have new home developments, condos, and lease back properties!

I really want to move to Arizona, it is just the right weather for me!


Shirley Anderson said...

Arizona is the place for me! I absolutely LOVE it there!!!

I have been there when it was 117 degrees, but that's okay with me, I'll take that over the Canadian cold and snow any day.