Thursday, March 12, 2009

14 Month Old Beaten For Disrespect

14 month old Lilliana Goodman was beaten for more than an hour with a belt by Tayaun Chism, for being disrespectful and not eating. He was arrested on charges of neglect of a dependent and child abuse in the beating.

Lilliana was hospitalized and is listed in critical condition. Her pregnant mother was also treated and released for injuries she received when she tried to intervene.

At last, there is a mother out there willing to step up for her child! I hope this man rots in hell, and I pray that the mother doesn't go back to him!

Source: Fox News


Brian D. Hawkins said...

Now stories like that made me want to re-think my views on the death penalty. Sometimes there's no better words to describe someone than Pure Evil!

corfubob said...

Hi, Don't believe in hell - who needs it with people like him around, and others pleading for understanding for violent people. I just don't want to share the world with people like that - and I want it NOW. Bob

K.M. George said...

Thank you for your comments guys, I totally agree with both of you!