Sunday, March 22, 2009

Building Inspections: You Don't Want Bad Construction

photo source : Russian Fun

I thought this picture was absolutely hilarious when I first saw it, but then I found more, and the more I looked, the more horrendous the pictures were. There are so many incredibly bad construction mistakes made these days, and we need to be more attentive to them!

Especially if you are considering buying a home, whether it is newly constructed, or 100 years old, you should get a building inspection. You never can tell if there is underlying decay, bad ventilation, too much moisture, bad insulation, no insulation, and roof damage.
The wisest thing you could do is get building inspection reports.
If you are in the construction business these things would be easy to spot, but if you are not, or don’t have much experience with homeownership, these issues may be hard to spot. They can give you some pretty hefty bills down the road!


Runkle Consulting, Inc said...

Adding to the discussion, this was a house I was hired to look at 8 years ago - I never got paid for my report, but the photos are priceless.