Friday, March 20, 2009

Dolphin Bubbles!

Dolphin bubbles are so cool. I just saw a video from ABC News with Charles Gibson on the dolphin bubbles at Sea World.

You are probably wondering what is so great about a dolphin blowing bubbles, since they do it all the time, right? That is exactly what I said until I saw the video! These bubbles are different, they are special. The female dolphins seem to be the only ones blowing these bubbles. And they are teaching the other dolphins to do this also! They will point their blow holes, and then blow, so the rings come out straight up. Out come tiny bubbles, then one big bubble. The only thing is, it doesn’t look like a bubble, it looks like a ring. Almost like a smoke ring. Then they play with it, twist it around, and push it! When they are playing with the ring, if another dolphin gets close to it, they pop it, almost to say, “that is my ring, go make your own!” The whole act is simply put, amazing.

I am definitely going to make another trip down to Florida to see this one. My oldest daughter had such a great time when we went the first time. I think she will find the dolphin bubbles as amazing as I do!