Saturday, September 13, 2008

Word Of Mouth Marketing: Tell A Friend

I just received a comment, directing me to this site, Tell A Friend.

I think it is a good idea, but in my opinion does need a couple of tweaks for it to be very practical for bloggers and web designers.

It is convenient for blog readers, because they can send the post they are reading to any of their friends without leaving the post. These messages can go by way of email, IM, your blog (wordpress and blogger only at this point) or social site Facebook or Twitter.

Like I said the idea is there, but the only drawback I can find right now, is for the web owners/designers.

Anyone can get one of these widgets, even without signing up for an account. If you do sign up for an account, now here is the drawback, you cannot make a widget for any other site.

There is no option to add another site/blog to these widgets in order to customize them.

Maybe I am being dumb and missed it, but I don't think so!

Check it out for yourself, and get back to me. Let me know if I am wrong!

Go to >>>> Tell A Friend

Or just use the icon below!