Monday, January 26, 2009

Coach Stinson Charged With Reckless Homicide

I woke up this morning to a barrage of channels covering this story. Coach Stinson from Louisville, KY is being indicted today on the charge of reckless homicide.

I have read a lot of the comments on the news pages here on the web. Many of the responses are blaming the coach, saying he withheld water, made them practice in 90+ degree weather, not to mention didn't call 911 until 20 minutes after the collapse.

And, to top it all off there was another player that collapsed minutes before Max Gilpin. My view on this is, there should not have been practice at all. It was definitely too hot, in my opinion for these kids to be in their full uniforms, running around for football practice. Football, in my eyes, isn't that important!

My next opinion may tick some people off, but this is how I feel. Where were Max's parents? Better yet, where were all the players parents? If that was my kid, I would have called it off, and if the coach kicked him off the team, so be it. My childs' health is much more important to me than a football game.

Why didn't his parents say,"No, it is too hot to practice today."?! I just don't understand this, isn't it ultimately the parents responsibility to make sure their children are safe?

Yes, the coach probably made some bad judgement calls, but I believe a lot more people did as well, and it was a cumulative result based on many people's actions or non actions.

The school itself could have called off the practice ( the superintendent, or the principal). The parents could have called it off, the players could have used their heads and said no. And yes, I do remember what it was like back in high school, you/I were scared to death to use your/my head to make a logical decision. We thought the teachers/coaches knew it all, and what was best for us, we thought we were invincible!

Obviously teens are not invincible, and hopefully this will be a lesson learned for all involved, unfortunately it is a tragic one.

What are your feelings on this?

For more information and more of this story visit >>> Fox News


funride said...

I really don´t know anything about this case but after reading this post I believe one could not blame the kids (even though their parents should have know better) so in the end the coach is always the main responsible for them. In fact I believe the kids just did want they were told to by someone who`s supposed to teach them.

I have nothing against coach Stinson but I think every time someone is in charge of a group of kids then he/she should be responsible for what happens (perhaps "charged with reckless homicide" is a little too much, I`m not sure).

I´ll try to know more about this case, thanks for bringing it to me.

Shirley Anderson said...

This was such a sad and needless tragedy. If there's any kind of silver lining to find, it has to be that this incident will ensure that it never happens again.

Shaye said...

This is a sad story. Sad for the family and also for the coach who is being charged.

The dangers of overheating are often not know, or appreciated fully, until a tradedy like this occurs.

Coming from a country like Austalia, and living in the North where temperatures often reach higher than those that caused this poor childs death, we are taught from a very young age about such dangers. Having said that, there is cases every year 'down south' where people overheat and sometimes die in the extreme summer temperatures.

I for one detest the fact that in our modern world we are always looking for someone to blame when these things happen. My opinion is that everyone should learn from the experience and accept the fact that sometimes bad things happen to good people.

There is no ONE person is to blame.