Monday, January 26, 2009

Girls Basketball Coach Fired After 100-0 Win

Ok, now lets get real here. The coach is fired because
they won 100-0 ?

Yep, you heard/read it right! This is the girls basketball coach at Covenant School, a private Christian school.

Last week on the school's web site, they posted a statement regretting the outcome of the game on Jan. 13th. "It is shameful and an embarrassment that this happened. This clearly does not reflect a Christlike and honorable approach to competition," said the statement, signed by Kyle Queal, the headmaster, and board chair Todd Doshier.

The coach's response was this- "In response to the statement posted on The Covenant School Web site, I do not agree with the apology or the notion that the Covenant School girls basketball team should feel embarrassed or ashamed, we played the game as it was meant to be played. My values and my beliefs would not allow me to run up the score on any opponent, and it will not allow me to apologize for a wide-margin victory when my girls played with honor and integrity."

You know what? I agree with the coach. Usually I don't- I am not a big sports fanatic, since I think most of the time, players and coaches take things a bit too seriously and too far...Case in point!

Anyways, isn't basketball a ... game? Isn't it supposed to be about playing the game, having fun and not about who wins or loses- especially when it comes to our children?

The school thinks it is a bad thing that they won???!!! Why are they even involved in sports if this is how they are going to react and behave? If this is how they feel, then they shouldn't be involved!

It is a game, that is the point! To see how well you can play the game, not to see how well you can throw the game, or give up on playing!

What is your opinion?


Shirley Anderson said...

Talk about undermining potential!! Holy cow! I can't believe that the school would apologize for their students doing so well. They're sending a message that the students did something bad by playing well. What does that tell the kids about playing beneath their potential, not just in sports, but in all areas of life. Despicable!

Anonymous said...

The coach needed to be fired. By the time the game is 50-0 there are a who myriad of options to avoid further embarrassment. If the losing team can't score a point the certainly cant take the ball away from the winning team. There is no shot clock in high school basketball. Put in all of your scrubs and tell them that the first person who shoots is benched for the next game. If it ends up 50-2 and you lose your shut out, I dont think you will have lost much team morale - and certainly wont be raising unsportsmanlike assholes. Playing well and playing well with honor are two different things - and adding on unnesc points does not make you a better player

K.M. George said...

I do believe everyone is deserving of their opinion, but my point is, why are we playing games if the rules aren't the same for everyone? If they aren't then it shouldn't be played.

This just in also...Apparently this was a non sanctioned game, the coach was told to play this team. It was not a game that was apparently on their schedule. It was a game that should not have been played in the first place...Against a team that isn't in their league, and in no way would ever be a "rival" to them!

Why would anyone go out and play half-assed, when they have always been taught to play their best?

pjdscott said...

What is happening to people? What message does this send to children - that achievement is penalized?

A sad but fascinating posting - I look forward to one that restores my faith in humankind!

Shaye said...

Sounds a bit like a case of school politics at 'play' here. I am willing to bet there is more to the story than just a basketball game.

While I am a little undecided on my opinion on this one, I feel that achievement should be celebrated - as long as it's not done in an unsportsman like way.