Saturday, March 21, 2009

Billy Currington!

My daughter and I went to see Billy Currington last night at the Turning Stone Casino's Showroom. This is the first time I have been to the showroom, although I have been to the casino before. I had an absolute blast!

Billy was a lot shorter than I had imagined him, but is definitely not scrawny. Lets just say he takes care of himself very well!

He did about an hours set, then said good night, of course the crowd wasn't going to have any of that...after all, we paid good money to have more than an hours worth of entertainment from him!!! He came back out and played for close to another hour!

My daughter petered out about 1 1/2 hrs into it, I couldn't expect much more, since she is only 8, but she loves country music about as much as I do!

Anyways, it was overall a very good experience, and I would definitely recommend seeing any entertainer at the showroom, over a larger venue any day!