Thursday, March 26, 2009

Looking For A Great Phone Card?

Oh my goodness, I was online last night looking for prepaid phone card rates, when I came across a site that sells all sorts of Calling Cards. If you live anywhere in the world, they have a card for you with the best rates on them. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this is not the typical, take your pick out of 5 different cards. This site offers, different cards based on where you are calling to. It is absolutely amazing how this works!

If you are a first time user to the site, you can get an extra 20% off your first purchase. Some cards are rechargeable, some Phone Cards have sales! Some cards have maintenance fees, some do not. There are cards that round their minutes lower than others, some have service fees, and others do not.

This site is so good, you may even get confused by all the offers that are on it! If you check out the rates on the cards, they all seem to be different, so I am thinking, you need to decide where you will be calling to most, to determine what the best card would be. For example, if I called England often, I would be trying to find a card with no service fees, no maintenance fees, and the lowest rate per minute I could find. Simple as that!