Friday, May 8, 2009

Anyone Like Lobster?

Anyone out there like or love lobster? I do, and always have. I had a very good family friend when I was growing up that used to bring me back a live lobster every year when he went to Maine. I thought this was the greatest gift ever!

Well, my husband is on his way back from Maine right at this moment, and he has a cooler full of lobster for me!!! I am just so excited, I can't keep my self contained! I just had to tell someone about it. I'm sure you guys think I am crazy, but there is nothing like a fresh lobster straight from the Maine coast.

The rock lobster that you get in restaurants just don't compare to fresh Maine lobster. Even if the restaurant has a live "Maine Lobster" in their tank, it still doesn't taste the same...It has been sitting in their tank full of their local water for god knows how long!!!

Enough of my ramblings on lobster, I need to get going and get ready to greet my lobster, I mean my husband!