Friday, May 8, 2009

Web Hosting Woes

If you have ever thought about having your own web site for your business or just for your personal entertainment, you need to think about web hosting. Web hosting can be very complicated, and I am certainly not the expert in this area! There are so many aspects to take into consideration when you are looking to choose the right web hosting company.

Some of the aspects to take into consideration are:

Do you get a free domain name? How is the technical support? How much traffic are you allowed? How much space do you receive? What about databases, what kind do you get? And definitely think about what kind of web builder you receive with it, or is it compatible to what you usually use?

I found a wonderful site that can help you with all of these questions on web hosting. It is called Web Hosting Geeks. They review almost any web hosting site you could possibly find.

If you are looking for the best blog hosting sites, they can help you with this. If you are just concerned about the cheapest web hosting, they have this also! Like I said before, there are so many aspects to think about when you want to choose a web hosting company, Web Hosting Geeks can help you sort out all of these issues!


levy said...

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bbrian017 said...

Hosting is very tricky! Also the more you pay the more you need to know and do what doesn't make any sense at all! Right now I'm with godaddy Virtual Dedicated Server and they offer no support which means all database maintenance and server security is done by me! I knew nothing before I started with godaddy VD,

The odd thing like I said the more you pay the more work you have to do. I can get a 48 dollar hosting plan and they do all the maintenance and server administration. If I pay 200 a year I have to do everything it’s so silly!